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Cargo Trikes

With over 56 sq. feet of cargo space and a 500-lb payload capacity, our workhorse electric-assist cargo trikes transport a wide variety of goods city-wide – often more quickly than traditional vans and trucks.


Our trikes offset the use of trucks, vans and cars, and therefore help reduce the District’s last mile carbon footprint. Schlep trikes are pedal-powered with electric-assist; Because our batteries are charged using renewable energy, our tailpipe emissions are zero – zilch. No NOX, no SOX, no particulate matter, period!

Social Benefits

Because we can use bike lanes and park on sidewalks in the District, Schlep also helps reduce traffic congestion and city noise levels. No double parking and no loud diesel engines revving or idling in front of your business.

We Advertise

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Our distinctive, eye-catching trikes offer clients the ideal platform for precise advertising and promotional campaigns with three large panel displays. Constantly on the move seven days a week, our trikes reach audiences throughout downtown DC and some surrounding neighborhoods. Depending on client requirements, we can meander around and/or park in specific shopping, tourism or business areas of the city. Short and long term campaign options are available.

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Stationary Promotions

Get noticed at public events throughout DC with Schlep’s help. Use our trikes and staff to represent you at one of the many DC street fairs or events to represent your company and hand out promotional items, informational brochures or answer questions about your organization and its service/product offerings. Think Adams Morgan Day, H Street or Cherry Blossom Festivals.

Dedicated Rolling Promotions

Our Schleppers are happy to wear your t-shirts and hand out business cards or other SWAG to targeted audiences, if that’s what you’d like. We are open to your creative requests.